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Unlock your fretboard, obtain creative freedom, throw away limiting beliefs and become the musician you aspire to be!

Unlock your fretboard, obtain creative freedom, throw away limiting beliefs and become the musician you aspire to be!

What’s inside the Academy

&#9989 A unique step by step learning system containing over 400 hours of video lessons and growing…

&#9989 Creative application lessons for all levels in all styles for Beginner, intermediate and advanced, designed for the 4, 5 and 6 string basses

&#9989 Each video lesson contains a detailed lesson plan document along with an mp3 track to download

&#9989 A personalized practice schedule to get you focused on your goals

&#9989 Progress tracker

&#9989 One on one Skype lessons with me

&#9989 A friendly community of likeminded students

&#9989 My commitment to you to guide you to having your own creative voice on the bass.

&#9989 Standalone lessons on gear and the ergonomics of playing the bass

&#9989 …and so much more

Let’s be real

One goal: your success

« I was stuck, unable to make any more progress with my bass. Tony made me a custom practice schedule and I learned the Beginners Package. It unlocked a lot of thing in my mind and in my hands, and I rapidly became aware of new fields I had to explore to become a better player. I am so thankful! »

– Gary, US

« Tony is a wonderful artist whose true voice is in his music. He’s got an extraordinary power:  he can teach how to become like him to anybody »

– Leon, UK

 « What I’ve learnt from Tony is truly unvaluable. His syllabus and his commitment to my progress have helped me beyond words to become the artist I am now »

– Antoine, France

An ever-growing community

The Academy is a place for you to meet and connect with likeminded souls from all over the globe. Share your progress and inspire and encourage each other.


Unlearn what you think you know and Relearn with creative application!



Videos watched

Leading by example

I spent many frustrating years practicing searching for the magic solution to feel creatively free. Maybe some of these problems I had will sound familiar to you.

  •  Lack of focus
  • Always playing the same riffs and patterns
  • Unable to make scales sound musical
  • Lack of focus
  • Don’t know what or how long to practice
  • No matter how many books and instructional DVD’s I buy I just can’t seem to play musically
  • Feel like you just don’t have the talent to do it

Only after a serious tendon issue that forced me to stop practicing so much, I realized the value of unlearning things I thought I had mastered and relearned them in a creative way with a musical application of each concept.

I have identified a lot of the things that limit us as creative musicians and have taken away the walls and limitations with a clear goal driven path forward to find my own authentic voice as a musician.

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect Practice and balance is the key.


« Tony Grey is one of the most melodic bass players in the world. He has an amazing technique and the combination of his warm and dark tone is truly beautiful. It is such a wonderful opportunity to get to understand his unique concept and approach to music-making. » – Hiromi

« Tony Grey is a natural and will develop into one of the great and innovative musicians of our time. He and the bass were made for each other. » – John McLaughlin


« Wonderful composer, fantastic bass player. Anybody at any level can learn from Tony. He is smokin’! » – Mike Stern



Become the musician you aspire to be